5 Tips To Prepare For A New Visa Interview If A Student Visa Was Denied

You’re all set to go study in the United States, but unfortunately, your F-1 or J-1 student visa was denied by the visa officer. School is about to start, and you may be wondering what to do next.

Argo Visa, a U.S.-based international visa consulting firm made up of former visa officers, has provided five tips to help international students whose visas have been denied to prepare for a new visa interview.

TIP 1: Book A New Visa Appointment As Soon As Possible

If you still have time to make it to the U.S. before your program start date, try to book another visa appointment right away.

Find out from your designated school official the last day you can show up to campus and still make it to your first day of classes on time. Then make sure you get a visa appointment at least four or five days before that date. You may have to submit a request for an expedited visa appointment to the U.S. embassy or consulate. If you are granted a new interview and your visa is approved, let the visa officer know that classes are about to start and you’ll need your visa the same day.

TIP 2: Explain What’s Changed Since Your Last Interview

Sometimes visa officers will want to know if your situation has changed since your last visa interview.

If your answer is no, then that will give them every reason to deny your visa again right away. So think about how to answer “yes” to this question truthfully, and bring up information the visa officer may not have known before, such as proof of financial support and any required documents you may have been missing at your first interview.

TIP 3: Bring Up The Important Strengths In Your Case

Make sure to focus on the strongest points of your application in your new interview. For example, if you received a scholarship to your school, you should mention that right away. And make sure to provide evidence of strong ties to your community, demonstrating that you intend to return home after your studies abroad.

TIP 4: Be Honest About Prior Visa Denials

Visa officers can see your entire visa history, so if you are not truthful, you will lose your credibility during the interview and your visa will likely be denied. Be upfront about your previous visa denial and your commitment to fix whatever was lacking.

TIP 5: Work With An Expert To Prepare For Your New Interview

Once you have been refused a visa, it will be challenging to get your next visa approved. It is important that you are not going into your interview saying exactly the same thing as before and expecting a different result.

A visa consulting firm can pair you with an ex-visa officer for a consultation. Your visa consultant will come up with a customized strategy for your specific situation, help you understand why you were refused, and work with you to get your visa approved. With the help of visa experts, you have the best chance for success — so don’t give up your dreams of studying in the USA.”

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